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Painter, Classical Impressionist Realist

“Walking by the Orchids“ 2x3ft oil on canvas 2020, Art Anton

© 2020 Raiñer Duhaylungsod

Rainer discovered the love for art at a very early age, doing sketches of nature and portraits. He then nurtured the gift through the years. He started his artistic career last 2014 where he was introduced into some of the great artists in his city with the likes of Dr. Jose Armin Virata, Jerome Castillo, Gieward Hulagno, and Randell Villanueva, where he find great artist brotherhood and camaraderie. Moreover, he was greatly influenced by Art Renewal Center living master and a multi-awarded cebuano artist Orley Ypon where he finds great inspiration.

Rainer’s technique and art discipline is of painterly realism, and impressionist in form, inspired by the works of Nikolai Fechin, Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent, William Turner.

Presently, Rainer is a proud member of Aroma Art Atelier that is founded by his Master himself, Master Orley Ypon. An artist family and haven of multi awarded Cebuano artists.

Rainer is now a passionate Full-time artist based in Toledo City.

He considers himself as a Classical Impressionist Realist artist.